Mono Opera

Mono Opera

“ HITODENASHI NO KOI ” had be held in Kyoto Art Center in December, 2014. Trying to make opera is the first time for Akane Yamaguchi.

Countertenor DAICHI FUJIKI 

Dancer Emi Matsuo

“Hitodenashi” has two meanings. One is “rascal” and another is “not human”. “koi” means “love”. There is a man and he gets married with a woman. One day, the wife realizes something strange about her husband. He goes to the warehouse everyday and talks with someone. But his wife can not see someone in there whenever. With whom her husband talks ?

“Hitodenashi No Koi” was written by Ranpo Edogawa and published in 1926. Ranpo is Japanese author and he is one of the most interesting authors in Japan.

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